Game: My Witch Shop

I made a little game for Ludum Dare (make a game in a weekend) .. or at least I tried. (2).gif

It's the first time since long that I made my game concept too big for such a short weekend. (1).gif

While the fighting part sort of works, I ran into a mayor bug in the last hours, which broke the shop part of the game. The original idea was that you are a witch that has a shop during the day selling spells & potions to monsters and wizards. But you might meet some of them again in the fighting part of the game, so you gotta be smart on who to trust.


Although I didn't manage to finish my game this time around I had a lot of fun and learned a bunch! Plus I developed a game (in parts) next to a campfire for the first time ever. My laptop was covered in ash after, but it was totally worth it xD

Rick HoppmannComment