Memories of Scotland

End of last year I spent 5 months in Scotland thanks to an exchange semester. Besides my gameart studies at Abertay University I also ventured on a bunch of trips to explore the beauty that is this piece of earth!

Landscape on the stunning Isle of Skye, at Neist Point - definitively my favorite place in Scotland!

Scurdie Ness lighthouse - luckily this beautiful, little lighthouse was just a quick bus trip away from where I was studying

Edinburgh was also really close! I found those cute bunnies on top of the Arthur's Seat mountain in the middle of the city.

We also visited Loch Ness of course, although it was a bit far away! The stunning nature there was absolutely worth it though.

Last but not least here is a photo of a more nearby natural place - yet equally stunning! The forest you can see in this picture was all planted. Legends say the forester even used a cannon at some point to distribute the tree seeds.

All in all, I really enjoyed my exchange semester in Scotland! Not did I only get the chance to see many beautiful places, but I also grew as an artist and a person. During my stay I started working on the game "Picoworld", which you can find more info on in this gallery.

Rick HoppmannComment