Clovers in a pot & symbolism of the garden

Dreaming Acorns & Clover Pots

For the game I want to achieve a “digital children’s illustration” look. Right now I tend towards adding a lot of texture in some places & a lot of “white space” in the rest, so that the resulting images are more calm.

I’m interested in using only the Diffuse/ Colormap as texture (next to opacity) in combination with “unlit” shading. This allows for a true recreation of the colors and gives the flat impression of an illustration.

Next steps (art):

  • reference more children’s book in my work, maybe re-create a specific illustration in 3D for practice

  • analyze other approaches of transferring the illustration style to 3D

  • read up on considerations for children of young age (e.g. color choice)

Symbolism of the garden

Notes from The Book of Symbols, Taschen 2011

I think it’s useful to look at how the main symbols in my game are used in art history/ culture to inform my art process. The book is a collection of essays by scholars, compiled by The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS).

Next steps (research):

  • read up on more relevant symbols

  • expert interview with developer of “Aniscience”

  • arrange potential expert interview with teacher

  • expert interview with my aunt (who works in nature conservation) on the conservation & biology aspects of the game

Also, here are the research methods I’ll use besides information gained trough practice (based on

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