Illustrations in 3D & cutting wildflowers

Cutting a wildflower meadow

Cutting meadows every 1-2 years with a scythe is important to prevent bushes and trees from establishing. Luckily I had the chance to get an introduction to using a scythe and try it out myself!

My aunt is working in nature conservation and just so happened to host a info event on wildflower meadows and the insects that live there. I made sure to take a lot of reference photos, as I’ll be developing the game throughout the cold season when the flowers are gone.

Thesis Ideas - Ökostation - Educational event on butterflies.jpg

A couple of interesting takeaways:

  • a caterpillar of the same species might need a different plant than the developed butterfly - that means they need more diverse spaces to live, need healthy ecosystems

  • there are certain plants a lot of butterflies use, e.g. thistle or clover

  • kitchen herbs can also act as a food source to butterflies, e.g. oregano, lavender or thyme

  • using mowing tools kills a lot of caterpillars and destroys the food source of the adult butterflies! Instead it’s good to use stuff like scythes which don’t chop up the plants & don’t cut the whole meadow at once (also not cut often, about once a year)

What I also realized is that many families won’t have the space or commitment to have a “proper” wildflower meadow. So with my project I’ll aim at mini-gardens in plant pots instead, as that’s more feasible for many to realize.

Game Inspiration: Viridi, Toca Nature, Aniscience

The games mentioned above inspire me mainly for the interaction methods and artstyle. I want to realize a 3D artstyle that’s reminiscent of illustrations.

Thesis Ideas - Similar games.jpg

Aniscience was really interesting from their strong educational aspect. They provide cards with info on plants and animals you interact with, that are similar to primary school books.

Toca Nature has some really great sound design, art and interesting interaction methods, but there is the educational aspect missing here.

And Viridi is my main inspiration for the gameplay. Here you take care of a pot of succulents, watering them, unlocking new seeds, etc. I want to build upon this concept and transfer it to the wildflowers topic.

Thesis Ideas - More games (1).jpg

Artstyle Inspirations

Here is a moodboard of people transferring the illustratory artstyle to 3D.

Thesis Ideas - Artstyle.jpg

I also did some tests myself, making fanart of other people’s illustrations (Elaine Lee & Jake Lawrence).

Next steps

I wanna do some more art tests next to get a better understanding of the style I want to achieve. Looked up some cute plant pots to model :)

Also I think I need to start conversations with schools (for testing) and research on children’s play (for game design) soon.

Thesis Ideas - Cute Plantpots.jpg
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