Glowing flowers & calm garden sounds

Glowing wild flowers

The first final asset is done!! Woo.

I used Subsurface scattering to really push the look of the plant. It’s a Lotus corniculatus and will attract the Common Blue ingame, as it’s the butterflies favorite plant in real life.

I first collected plenty of photo reference & also botanical illustration. Then I recreated the plant in Blender using Bezier curves and flat planes. I also showed it to my Mom and sister who are knowledgeable about wild flowers, to see if they recognize it & made adjustments based on their suggestions :)

Art style wise I’m orienting myself on this art test I did earlier in the month. I take the initial "illustrative” look I went for, but also add PBR and lightening.


Calming sounds

As I was a bit sick the last days, I wanted something relaxing, low-focus to do. So I did some sound design! Here is a preview of the background ambient and 3 sounds (dig, water, open journal). I used Public Domain recordings from Freesound and Opengameart and remixed them to fit my game (see the SoundCloud page for a full Credit list).

Task management & Still figuring out game design

I feel like I’m really behind at this point :O Still in the pre-production phase for the game design more or less, when by now I planned to be knee-deep in production. However the first assets are done now and in-engine. And I also have it set up to rotate the camera around the flower pot & all the visual post processing.

I’m now using Tape for task management. Before I had the issue my tasks were spread between different software, and now hopefully it’s all more focused. I kept going from task to task (from learning to code, to making 3D, to doing research). Think I should be more deliberate in when I do which task.


Make it simple!

As I’ve really not a lot of time, I decided to further simplify my game concept. I’m gonna remove the caterpillars and puppae development, as that would be too much asset work. Instead I’m gonna focus on the adult butterflies and which plants they prefer.

My current design idea:

How to make a butterfly friendly wild flower garden? Plant seeds in your pot, water them and watch them grow (in real time). Come back each day to see how your pot is doing. When a plant is fully developed and flowering it has the chance to attract a butterfly.


I want to limit the plants/seeds the player has & make it require effort/time to fully grow them. The idea is that it makes each plant special and “worthy” and attracting butterflies an event to look forward to. I thought about making it “just” a simple sandbox builder (place fully grown plants, attract butterflies immediately). And I think this is still what I’m gonna do first, because it’s quicker to achieve (and translates easily to the time-based concept I’ve in mind). But with the instant access the problem is that plants and butterflies are not “special” for the player.

Also plant & butterflies names are not repeated/ brought to mind again as in the concept were the plants take a couple real life days to grow, which should help in remembering them.

I’m still finalizing the game design! Hopefully I have it set in stone as soon as possible.

Next Steps

  • implement audio

  • implement object placement

  • new iteration game design

  • re-read Guardiola & instructional design

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