Rick Hoppmann

Hi! I make games & art for games!

Let me support you in your game projects as an allround artist & developer!

Skills: game development, pixelart, photogrammetry, 2D & 3D gameart

Game Development

I'm experienced in all aspects of game development and can support you with your game projects. Our kids game "Leaves" was awarded 3rd place at the "Deutscher Computerspielpreis" in the category best newcomer.


I can create pixelart tilesets, characters and illustrations for ingame use.


I can create game-ready photoscans for your games and VR experiences. I worked on a forest exploration game for the HTC Vive as part of my university studies.

Available for hire!

I'm happy to help you with your projects in any way possible. As I'm currently studying Digital Games, I could do part-time or an internship. Contact me: contact@tinyworlds.org